Watch and Enjoy!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Another Sunday Morning :)

A serene morning. Not quite this golden outside but I will put it in my mind that it is so :)

Since starting this change in my eating, I have expectedly had such good things happen. Craving certain things have past and I am clear headed to see the path that I have chosen and I'm not disappointed! I am sure many people think me just mad to give up eating in a standard way but I am so content with how I feel that going back just doesn't make any sense.

The best thing that has happened to me is that all signs of depression have lifted away. Doesn't mean I don't get sad. I actually am much more sensitive to things but in a good way. Light, Music, laughter. Richer is the best way to describe it. I don't, however, wake with tears and struggle to clear my head of that dark oppressive mantle that used to lay on me. I don't struggle with trying to force myself to do things and I personally have no doubt that what I put in my mouth directly influences how I think, feel and behave. So, to that end? I MUST choose carefully and following a plant-based life is my path.

There is so much out there to learn about what it means to eat only plants. A real journey that can be had so easily by sitting at my computer and finding and sharing with others on the same journey. There is so much success and joy finding people eating for a better life and they are so encouraging.

Enjoying the change of the seasons into my favorite. I wish gentle blessings of love and care to my family and friends. Enjoy your Sunday :)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday with the Stones

A wonderful Sunday morning! I came across this picture and it instantly reminded me of my youth. I grew up North of Chicago about 3 blocks from the beach of Lake Michigan. I use to lay on my belly for hours looking at the stones. I LOVE stones. I would bring home buckets full of them. I'm sure my Mom tossed them into the garden or the bushes or something. This picture totally gets my OCD going and it is something that I would do and may yet again! Laying belly in the stones, the sound, the smell, making them wet to see the colors and hoping to find the beach glass pieces mixed in with them. I will meditate on this picture today. I will let my youthful visions flow and allow them to bring a smile to my face. Just perfect for today :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Perfect Fall Day

What a perfect Autumn day it has been. Today I thought about my lonely blog sitting here for years at a time and thought, how much I miss sharing the pictures that make me smile. 

My eating journey has been one of many trials but I am, once again, driven to sharing with you the reasons that I have to eat vastly differently than so many people. I continue to learn, move forward and grow with the changing trends but, I always come back to eating things as naturally as I can.

Currently, the buzzwords are Plant-Based Whole-Food. What is most important to me is, WHY I choose to eat this way. The best way for me to explain is to tell you how I feel when I don't eat PBWF :) The worst feeling for me is the feeling of being unable to stop myself from indulging in what I know is wrong for me. I have such a feeling of frustration and disappointment to struggle so hard only to cave so easily. Skin, Hair, Nails all change and lose their luster and strength, Napping becomes the norm just to make it through the day. Feelings of self-worth become infrequent and the slide down is inevitable. 

HOWEVER, when I place back in my mind the reasons why I choose to eat this way, I once again find all that I lack. Motivation, energy, self-control, no depression, a full sense of worth, and just plain happiness.

So, as I sit here waiting for my Instapot to finish cooking my veggies, I thought I would once again hit the BLOG and see what I can find to inspire and share with myself and others :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Looking forward today for a new lesson in Body Work. Expanding my knowledge and skills makes me happy... That is all :)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 18, 2016

Well Let's see.. Last entry was a LONG time ago. Looking at where I am right now, I would have not expected some of the things that have happened in my life. I am sitting here, feeling good, nothing to complain about. I've lost my son and my father and I miss them without measure but, here I am sitting quietly, tangibly at rest.
Gratitude.. That is the way I choose to live. Not longing for things, just being satisfied with here and now. My son Bryan is a shining spot in my life. He takes me to the park and shows me his new Helicopter and makes me squeal with delight. I feel like a kid again. Thanks Buddy.
I made good Raw food for my brother and his friend Rita. Glad to make them smile and enjoy their art walk.
I need to do this more often, stop in at my raw day and see what has passed. speak some words out of my heart and let them rest gently on me. I am grateful.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Garden you say?

Oh I am so excited! Looks like I have a garden location this summer!! Gonna find seeds today!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some days words fail

Funny how I always find something to say but at this moment, thoughts and words fail me. All that can be said is Thank you Lord for your Love and Faithfulness.